Thursday, January 28, 2010

slotRadio+ microSD Memory Cards

 Verizon Wireless is  launching a new slotRadio+ microSD Memory Card for Blackberry phones.  It will have 1,000 of the most popular songs from the top-charting artists.  The available storage aside from the music that is included will be 4GB. This will allow pictures, video, and documents.  I have been hearing about this technology for a while now, Verizon Wireless and ScanDisk has made it a reality. 

check it out at Verizon Wireless


  1. Sounds pretty cool to me. I have a question, can you remove the songs you don't like from the card, or are you stuck with it?

  2. It sounds like you will not be able to delete one at a time, however there are ways to format the memory card to use all the storage. In some ways it wouldn't make sence, since you are paying for the songs and not the storage. The Memory Card will run about $50, you can find 4GB for about $20.