Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ways To Recycle Mobile Phone In Most Effective Manner

Author: Raina Kelsey

Mobile phones have become an inevitable part of our life. Popularity of mobile have reached such height that no one can live without having one for themselves. To satisfy the need of ever-growing demand several manufacturers have entered into the arena. As soon new phone enters, user stop using his older one. On the arrival of new phone old one fetches a place either in cupboard or are thrown just like that. Phones are electronic devices which are composed of several dangerous substances and they should be disposed-of in proper manner. The substances present in mobile parts are cadmium, lead, flame retardants and beryllium which are highly harmful. Hence, recycling mobile phone comes into picture to prevent the land, environment and human being from damage.

Many ways are there to carry forward the procedure of recycling mobile handsets. Firstly, you can return the old phone to network provider at the time of phone upgrading. They repair these handset in much better way and make them functional for further use. Secondly, you can donate your old mobile phone to some charitable trust from where they distribute these phones to rural and more needful people. There are many such charity in our societies, which are there to serve poor and needful people. Those who haven't seen phones earlier are catered by such charitable organization. So, its a kind of generous help for those people.

If you want some money in exchange of your old phone, then lots of auction site are available on the Internet. User can compare the sites before choosing one of them to lay your mobile handset for auction. Some sites will send you an envelope in which you can return handset once an individual is satisfied with the price proceeding of site. There is one best advantage of recycling phone through comparison sites. They only ask for you for your handset and its compatible battery. Within a period of seven days, the payment will be sent to the user. Thirdly, comes the exchange offer. Here user can exchange their older handsets with the latest and advanced ones. One can exchange his older mobile phone with other person with running contracts.

People now have become more aware about their environment and to cater the procedure of recycling mobile phones many phone retailers and big malls are participating. They put a recycle bin at different locations in which users can put their older or discarded mobile phones. Not just mobile phones, one can also put their electronic gadgets as well, in those bins to recycle them. Recycling organizations take the responsibility to carry this process in most effective manner. All the mobile phones and electronic widget are recycled under the surveillance of trained practitioner. So, to save money, land, environment and life of many small creatures recycle your old mobile in the most effective manner.

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