Thursday, February 18, 2010

HTC Hero

It has been a week since I purchased the HTC Hero, I have loved every minute of it.  My previous phone was a Blackberry 8330.  Until the Android OS I thought the Blackberry RIM OS was the best smartphone on the market.  The Blackberry OS makes a great smartphone, way better then a Windows phone.  We will have to see what improvements are made with Windows 7.

Now, back to the Hero.  I have heard the term "iPhone Killer", and the Android OS lives up to it.  The way you can personalize it with different themes, open source apps, and the touch screen is more responsive.  You have to keep Jailbreaking the iPhone to be able to customize it and download certain apps, too much time and headache if you ask me.  The only draw back to the HTC Hero and most other Android phones is the battery life. 

A must have app for this is Android Task Killer.  The Task Killer will shut down all open apps with one touch.  This helps extend the battery life throughout the day.

If I find some tips and tricks with this phone I will be sure to share with everyone.  

So, if you are in the market for a new phone, and want an awesome touch screen smartphone, I would recommend the HTC Hero or any of the Android phones. 

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